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Benefits of Guest Blogging (Infographic)

Guest Blogging is a very useful way to popularize your own blog and create more and more visitors.  Many people disregard this great way to market and promote one’s own blog.  Bt what are the concrete benefits of Guest Blogging?  Here is a great infographic that explains the usefulness of guest blogging.

guest blogging

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Top 5 WordPress Themes for Crowdfunding Sites

Crowdfunding for social programs and for start-ups is growing.  In fact now, common public will be able to invest in the IPOs for crowdfunding projects.  Using the WordPress, one can create a very...

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How Budweiser uses Social Media to Improve its results

Many companies use social media – facebook, Twitter, Linkedin etc.  But very few actually generate enough ROI to warrant all the effort and investment.  Anheuser-Busch has used it well for its...

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12 ways of using a blog to sell your startup

If you are a startup, there is always a question of how to blog such that you can relate to your customers and break through the clutter of thousands of blogs out there?  Came across this very...