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Step by Step Videos for Creating and setting up a Full Fledged WordPress Blog Site

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WordPress is the other blog platform of choice. Today we will go through the videos that help us set up, maintian and grow a website or a blog on WordPress platform.

You want to know WHY you should go for WordPress? Are you still dilly-dallying on the decision? Let us get some help on it:

3 reasons why you may want to go for WordPress:

As we know there are two different flavors to WordPress: WordPress.com and WordPress.org.

So, let us start with a video that explains what is the difference between the two and an introduction for WordPress.

Once we have understood and installed a WordPress website, it is time to understand the various settings in the administration area. In the Admin area, the Dashboard is the main place of action. That’s where you start to look at the overview of the site itself. So, lets go.

Btw, in this series, we will look at the first part of the steps one needs to take to set up a great WordPress site.

Once we have understood the Admin area, let us get familiarized with the General Settings and how to set things up before we get to the real thing – yes, posting content on our site!

Continuing with the General Settings for the website:

Now that we have the basic site, let us start posting stuff now. The basics of posting now:

Do you want to have multiple people write your blog? If yes, then you need to learn how to add users. Let us learn that:

One of the things that makes your blog look good is the layout or template or theme. The place to change or install a new one is the “Appearance” area. In that place you can do lot of other things as well. Let us go over and jazz up our site now.

The WordPress site can be greatly enhanced through plugins that are easy ways to make a simple website more powerful. How do we install a plugin? Lets take a peek. But before that, let us learn how to backup the site as well.

In most sites, we may want to add images and / or videos. That’s pretty easy with WordPress. Just head on into this video to get a complete understanding of it:

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