eList Theme from Elegant Themes: Make your own online Directory

eList is a useful online list directory theme. If you want to start some list – say list of courses for a subject area with enough information on each topic – then this theme can be a very helpful one.

Some of the good features of the eLIst theme are:

Traditional List Structure: The theme lets you create a traditional directory structure, which is stylish and modern in its layout.
Custom Form Builder: In order to customize your own pages, you can create your own fields for the submission form.
Advertising Management: It comes along with the advertising banners of two sizes – 125×125 banner images in the sidebar and 468×60 in the post pages.
Paid Listings: You can charge for submissions – both, standard and featured listings.

All Elegant themes come with some of the best shortcode collection for WordPress themes on the web. These include:

  1. Various button styles
  2. Content boxes
  3. Toggle Content
  4. Tabbed Content
  5. Slideshows
  6. Password Protected Content
  7. Image Slider
  8. Author Information box
  9. Custom lists
  10. Pricing lists
  11. Dropcaps

What kind of sites can you create?

Some of the good examples of the kind of sites you can create with this theme are:

  • Restaurants Lists
  • Courses in a Subject Area
  • Businesses listing
  • Special Tools listings

eList Node Page

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